Armstrong Projects have extensive experience and expert skills, but it is their practical and collaborative approach that sets them apart.

Innovation is key to how Armstrong Projects operate. Whether it be designing your vision, providing advice on materials and structural issues or managing a difficult building site, the team look for innovative ways to deliver solutions.

Every project needs to be tailored, compliant and sustainable. The solutions designed, provided and built have liveability at the core, while balancing this with your vision and the building regulations.

Liveability is central in every one of my projects, whether it is consultancy, design, building or a combination of the three. I know how you will use your home, and this lasts after the euphoria of a new home ends.” Lee Armstrong

The Armstrong Projects team love what they do and want you to love what they do as well, for both the process and the result. Their collaborative approach and respect for their clients means that they deliver extremely high levels of satisfaction and establish long term relationships.

A big part of this is spending time together planning at the beginning of the project to ensure that everyone is aligned to the vision, and then making communication and management transparent throughout the project to deliver this vision.