Pool Fence Compliance before you build

Are you are building or renovating your pool?  Ensure Pool Fence Compliance before your build.

When you are building a new pool or making changes to an existing pool, engage a pool fence private certifier to make sure your pool fence is compliant to the NSW code and avoid any expensive rectification work after the build is complete.

As you are designing your new pool or preparing to remodel your pool area, engage Armstrong Projects as your Pool Fence Private Certifier to assess your drawings prior to works starting.  This will save you from having to make changes at a later date to make the pool compliant to NSW Swimming Pools Act.

While the legislation around pool fences is black and white, and for good reason, our background in building design, and our collaborative consultancy approach means that Armstrong Projects achieve outcomes that are both compliant with the legislation and sensitive to the home owners design and landscaping requirements.

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