Thinking about buying or selling your home?

Have you thought about pool certification?

Pool certification can be a simple and value adding process to any property transaction.

It can be nerve racking enough buying or selling a home, without having to do all the other things along the way.  More and more frequently pool certification is becoming part of the process, either at the request of the buyer or as an added extra by the seller.

Pool Fence CertificationOur client, Kevin Darke, was selling his home in Castle Hill.  The buyers’ agent, acting in the best interest of their client, asked for a Pool Compliance Certificate to be included as part of the sale process. This was to make sure there would be no additional costs for their client after the purchase of the home related to the pool fence.



The home owner:

  • needed a Certificate of Compliance for the Pool Fence;
  • wanted to get their home sold quickly, so could not wait for council;
  • knew Pool Fence compliance regulations are strict and can be difficult to navigate, so wanted someone who would explain things in plain English; and
  • needed practical solutions to resolve any non compliant issues that would not impact the look of the pool area for the new owners or result in costly, and unnecessary repairs.



Armstrong Projects was engaged to conduct the Pool Fence inspection, and while there were non-compliant elements to the pool fence, the end result was that a practical solution that enabled the client to resolve these issues in one week and proceed with the sale of his home.

“Lee has a common sense approach and is prepared to come up with practical solutions within the regs  He is good communicator and has a down to earth manner, making it easy to discuss options to get the right outcome”
Kevin Darke, Castle Hill

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